Virtual Event Engagement Packs

Virtual Event Engagement Packs

Making your brand an engaging experience…

Virtual events require engagement to succeed. 
A personalised gift pack, mailed out in a branded box can create opportunities like:

  • Attract attendees  (Provide a reason to attend)
  • Make great first impressions.
  • Invite involvement
  • Branded reminders for post-event sales follow-up

Make your event a tangible experience
A perfect branded gift set can get people pumped!  You are excited about your event and want to share this enthusiasm with participants by making them feel welcome, prepared and included.

Event packs to suit your budget
A mailable pre-event gift may be the perfect way to build excitement, get early registrants, ensure attendance and obtain address/contact details for further communication.

Branded giveaway ideas to get participants engaged:

  • Notepad & Pen
  • Water / Thermal Bottles
  • Mug with Coffee/Tea/Chocolate
  • Branded Chocolate Treat & Biscuits
  • Branded T-Shirt
  • Headphones
  • Torch/keyring items
  • Fun Snack Packs
  • Welcome Reading Material

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