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Hanging Displays

Eye catching and a great way to stand out from across the exhibition hall, making it easy for visitors to find you.

  • Maximum exposure - vibrant printed graphics enable you to be seen anywhere in the hall
  • Doesn't take up any floor space, yet has a large advertising presence
  • Hanging loops for suspension making it easy for exhibition organisers to attach. Delivery can be direct to the rigging team
  • CubeLock Hanging Displays are a great way to illuminate your stand making it more inviting to visitors

CubeLock stand illuminator now available

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'If you have any questions feel free to contact our friendly sales team at; 01767 603 930 or head to Contact Us

Product Specifications


Available Options

Square 2400(w) x 1065(h)
Square 4800(w) x 1200(h)
Eye 3000(w) x 1050(h)
Eye 3700(w) x 1500(h)
Rectangle 3600(w) x 2400 (d) x 1200(h)
Ring 3240(w) x 1100(h)
Ring 4630(w) x 1200(h)
Circle 1500(w) x 500(h)
Circle 4600(w) x 1500(h)
Triangle 3048(w) x 1500(h)
Cube 800(w) x 800 (d) x 800(h)
Cube 1000(w) x 1000 (d) x 1000(h)
Cube 1400(w) x 1400 (d) x 1400(h)

Artwork Guidelines

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