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Pop Up Promotional Counter

The pop up promotional counter also know as the Bullfinch is a highly portable collapsible display counter that assembles in seconds without the need for tools.  The counter can be fitted with an iPad holder as a useful presentation addition or point of visitor interaction for information, surveys or data collection at shows (iPad not included).


  • Assembly very fast, simple and tool-free
  • Portable & lightweight - counter collapses down to fit into a wheelable case
  • Wheelable case designed to fit in car boots included with the counter
  • Protects your display - Available with removable clear panels for each section
  • Storage - Sections can be open or closed with branded graphics to enable you to store smaller items inside on each shelf
  • Great Display Area - Each shelf and the top can take up to 4kg


  • PopUp Counter Assembled
  • Diameter 580mm
  • Height 1070mm


  • Pop Up Counter
  • Sets of 4 or 8 Graphic Panels 

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Pop-up Counter FAQs

Pop-up counters, or the Bullfinch, are extremely portable display counters that can be easily assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds. They are completely tool-free and can be constructed by one person. They are lightweight and can include visible or hidden storage sections, designed with branded graphics. Pop-up counters come in sets of 4 or 8 graphic panels, and can withstand up to 4kg of weight. They can also be fitted with an iPad holder, especially useful in presentation settings.

Pop-up counters are used at shows, expos and exhibitions to create a presentation point for visitors or customers. If you are required to collect information or data, pop-up counters can be extremely useful by providing a point of interaction.Pop-up counters are also reusable and can be transported to a number of different shows without needing a replacement. If you are a frequent attendee of expos, investing in a portable and reusable pop-up counter can significantly improve visitor interaction.

Parkes Print & Design's pop-up counters are simple to use, assemble and disassemble. Once assembled, our pop-up counters are ready for use, however you see fit. Whether you're looking for a visitor interaction point, a presentation stand, or for data collection, they are extremely easy to use. Pop-up counters can also be fitted with an iPad holder, making presentations and data collection even easier to complete. 

Pop-up counter assembly is tool-free and can be easily done with one person. It can be assembled in seconds, even if it's fitted with an iPad holder. The collapsable pop-up counter assembly info can be found here, provided by Parkes Print & Design.Our five-step process is extremely simple to follow and doesn't require any additional tools. First, take the counter out and lay it flat on the ground. Then lift it up and rotate the plinth clockwise, continue to do this until the plinth is fully assembled and all posts are locked into place. Finally, fit any included graphic panels onto the counter.

Yes. Pop-up counters provided by Parkes Print & Design are easily transportable. Their compact nature makes them very portable as they collapse into a wheelable case. This wheelable case is not only included within the price but is also designed to fit in car boots, with the counter fitted snugly inside. Pop-up counters are also lightweight to carry around, making their transport even easier. The inclusion of graphic sets won't change this aspect of the pop-up counter design. 


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If you have any questions feel free to contact our sales team at 01767 603930 or Contact Us

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If you have any questions feel free to contact our sales team at 01767 603930 or Contact Us

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