The VideoView is the perfect professional meeting backdrop that focuses on your client on the brand and not the clutter!
Its a sleek rear/behind view banner stand that can be used at any height you need between 1560mm and 2110mm.  Ideal for use in conference rooms, home offices for online video meetings, presentations such as zoom, skype and facetime etc

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The VideoView features hidden hardware and a telescopic support pole enabling you to adjust the banner height, making it the ideal backdrop for using at home whilst on camera.


  • Tool-free fast assembly
  • Hidden hardware as the front-loading graphic pulls up from the front of the base giving your message floor to rail visibility
  • Matt finish on the banner to reduce reflections, making it ideal for video conferencing and online presentations such as zoom, skype, facetime etc
  • Telescopic pole enabling you to use the banner at any height and you need between 1595 and 2120mm simply adjust to the height to suit the precise need.
  • Adjustable feet – ideal for levelling on uneven surfaces
  • Protective Carry bag supplied for storage and transportation
  • Single-Sided Graphic fully printed in full colour
  • Full design and artwork enhancement service available


  • Assembled Size approx. (mm)
  • VV80S - 800mm VideoView: 1595/2120 (h) x 840 (w) x 195 (d)
  • VV85S - 850mm VideoView: 1595/2120 (h) x 890 (w) x 195 (d)
  • VV10S  - 1000mm VideoView: 1595/2120 (h) x 1040 (w) x 195 (d)
  • VV12S - 1200mm VideoView: 1595/2120 (h) x 1240 (w) x 195 (d)
  • VV15S - 1500mm VideoView: 1595/2120 (h) x 1540 (w) x 195 (d)  (Recommended for home use)
  • VV20S - 2000mm VideoView: 1595/2120 (h) x 2040 (w) x 195 (d) (Recommended for office use)


Order Code Width Height Variable Price
VV80S 800mm 1595mm to 2120mm £139.97
VV85S 850mm 1595mm to 2120mm £139.97
VV10S 1000mm 1595mm to 2120mm £159.97
VV12S 1200mm 1595mm to 2120mm £179.97
VV15S 1500mm 1595mm to 2120mm £209.97
VV20S 2000mm 1595mm to 2120mm £279.97

For professional meeting backdrops or if you have any questions feel free to contact our sales team 01767 603 930 or  Contact Us

Product Specifications

If you have any questions feel free to contact our sales team 01767 603 930 or  Contact Us

Artwork Guidelines

VV80S - 800mm VV85S - 850mm

VV10S - 1000mm VV12S - 1200mm

VV15S - 1500mm VV20S - 2000mm

If you have any questions feel free to contact our sales team at 01767 603930 or Contact Us

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