Advantages Of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is a one of the best forms of communication in marketing. It provides an intimate, personal approach, opening up a conversation between the brand and the recipient that commands attention by taking some form of action. Individuals will read and respond to direct mail more-so than other forms of marketing because it is aimed at them and their needs. Direct mail is perfect for generating leads, creating a positive brand image, cross-selling to existing customers, building brand loyalty and increasing repeat orders. Despite online channels of communication, direct mail still stands out for its great reach of up to 80%. Direct mail has a wide range of advantages, and it is not limited to time, space of format. Let’s take a look:

Highly targeted

Every direct mail campaign has great targeting options. By adjusting messages to specific audiences, from loyal customers to new prospects you can ensure customers receive offers personal to them and their individual needs and buying habits.


With direct mail you can ensure each letter contains personalised information. Using databases, it is easy to find a customer’s needs by analysing their previous purchase history. Messages can then be altered to suit and appeal to each person individually.

Tangible to touch

One of the best things about direct mail is its tangibility. When a customer receives a printed physical copy of something, they are more likely to take a look and view the content as a reliable source.

Range of formats

Direct mail isn’t limited to a particular format. Whether you opt for postcards, leaflets, catalogues and magazines, you can ensure you create something customised and personal to the individual. There is no limitation in the use of colour, paper quality or mail format, so you can create something perfect for you, your brand and your customers.

Easily measured

Direct mail can be easily measured to gather the data and determine what works and what doesn’t. Each mail can contain a traceable code for customers to redeem on purchases so you can see whether or not you have had a successful campaign.


Direct mail can be very cost-effective. Creating a campaign can be effortless and inexpensive. And the more you print, the cheaper the costs making a direct mail campaign very affordable.

Proven track record

Direct mails have a proven track record for working efficiently. The data of successful campaigns prove its potential and the response rate on direct mail has proven to be higher than responses on email. It therefore offers a more reliable return on investment.

Direct Mail with Parkes Print

Direct mail has an important role in your marketing campaign. And linked with an online presence, can be the optimum way to ensure a profitable return on investment. 

If you’re looking to add some direct mail to your next marketing campaign, look no further than Parkes Print. Let us know about your event, product or requirement and we’ll design a direct mail that meets your requirements. Call us on 01767 603930 or fill out an enquiry form.