Are Catalogues Good for Marketing?

Catalogues are a tried and tested marketing tool for many businesses. They are a great way to present products and/or services into a narrative that connects readers to your brand.  Whether they are designed to inspire action or generate a particular emotion from their readers, catalogues create a tangible product that is integral to a successful marketing strategy. And in this digital age, they help to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world. We’ve pulled together our top reasons why catalogues are good for marketing below:  

Greater influence

Catalogues have a stronger influence on customers buying items than websites or TV. Being proactive and tactile, they linger longer in the home and entice the reader to keep looking and eventually buy in. They provide the power to expressing your brand’s personality, as well as including stories and detailed information around products and/or services. This deeper connection creates a lasting impression and is much more likely to get buy in from customers and increase sales.

Deeper connection

As touched upon above, buyers need a connection to the product before they buy in. By using stories and images, catalogues take people on a journey. It is this journey that forms a deeper connection and a greater need to purchase. Catalogues have the power to provide an escape from the daily stresses of life; inspiring readers with different possibilities, creating memories and deeper connections.

Personalisation and exclusivity

Catalogues offer a sense of exclusivity and personalisation that is often lacking in digital marketing. Many businesses use targeted mailing lists to send catalogues directly to their most loyal customers, making them feel valued and appreciated. Personalised recommendations based on past purchases can further enhance the shopping experience, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Multiple channels

Catalogues are best-placed for introducing new ideas to customers. By creating awareness of products and/or services, they then allow people to buy through other channels. By incorporating them into your multichannel marketing campaign, you can drive customers to purchase in a number of different formats, such as online, via phone, mail-in forms and even in-person. Offering limited promotions can help here too, creating a sense of urgency with the customers as well as a reward for doing so.

Measure sales

Catalogues can help you figure out where your sales are coming from. You can use data to see whether your catalogues are working and if not, where you might need to change things, like what you’re selling, how you’re talking about it, and how it looks. Catalogues are a great way to track information because they have clear dates and codes for each customer; to see which catalogue led to a sale. Directing customers to a digital application can also provide instant traceability.

Print your next Catalogue with Parkes Print

Catalogues are a powerful marketing tool to use within your marketing strategy. While they may not seem the most cutting-edge within a predominantly digital world, they offer such unique benefits that can’t be matched with online channels. They create a tactile connection with customers, and offer a good level of personalisation with the customer and with your brand. They offer better recall over longer periods of time, stronger brand associations and a deeper emotional connection. They also integrate well into online channels; and by using both offline and online marketing, you can maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and drive sales in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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