The Straight FabriWall is a large format fabric panel wall display, easy to assemble creating an adaptable back wall for any occasion.

  • The FabriWalls look spectacular with their sweeping lines and large visual graphic area. Graphics can be removed and replaced easily, making this a great option when your sales message needs to be changed frequently.
  • The FabriWalls are made from an aluminium structure with a fabric sock that wraps snugly around the frame. The system packs flat for easy transportation and the frame has a simple construction using snap buttons, this means attaching the graphic takes just a couple of minutes.

We recommend purchasing a set of two lights for every FabriWall order. This to make sure that your exhibition truly shines and isn't kept in the dark.


For tension fabric wall display printing or if you have any questions feel free to contact our friendly sales team at; 01767 603 930 or head to Contact Us

Product Specifications


  • 2.4m 2350(w) x 2380(h)mm
  • 3m 2950(w) x 2380(h)mm
  • 6m 5950(w) x 2380(h)mm

Artwork Guidelines

Download our info sheet to see further details and the right product for you and your business


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