How to Display Information and Products at an Exhibition

You’re participating in an exhibition and your stand serves as a gateway to showcase your brand, products, and services. One of the key elements in attracting visitors and effectively conveying your message is the way you display information and literature on your exhibition stand. You’ve spent time and money on getting your collateral looking great, from flyers to leaflets and information booklets. They deserve the same time and attention in planning how to display them as well as any products that you will be promoting and selling. With so many options out there from exhibition literature stands to promotional info counters, you can find the right way to display your information and goods. So, to help, we’ve put together some valuable tips and strategies to help you create an engaging and impactful display that leaves a lasting impression on your audience. 

Defining Your Objectives 

By now, it’s likely that you will already have started to look at the types of exhibition stand designs that you feel drawn to and what might suit your budget, brand and products. But before diving into the design and layout, take time to clearly define your exhibition objectives. What key messages do you want to communicate? Who are the target audience you’re aiming to attract and what are the goals you hope to achieve? The clarity gained from asking yourself these questions will help guide your decision-making process and ensure that your display aligns with your overall exhibition strategy. 

Visual Hierarchy 

A well-designed exhibition stand should guide visitors’ attention and lead them through a logical flow of information. Utilise visual hierarchy to create a clear focal point and organise your content effectively. Use larger graphics, bold headlines, and contrasting colours to highlight key messages and make them visually appealing. Strategically place information at eye level to naturally draw the attention of your audience to what you want them to see. An exhibition brochure rack can be a great way to place literature in specific places on your visitors journey through your stand. You can select one with racks at the heights that work well for your design.  

Concise and Compelling Text 

Avoid overwhelming your audience with lengthy paragraphs of text as part of your stand design backdrop. Instead, craft concise and compelling messages that convey your key points effectively. Use headlines, bullet points, and subheadings to break up the information into digestible sections. Emphasise benefits and solutions rather than simply listing features. Remember, clarity and simplicity are key when it comes to communicating your message. 

Interactive Elements 

Incorporating interactive elements can enhance visitor engagement and create memorable experiences. Consider incorporating touch screens, tablets, or interactive displays that allow visitors to explore your products or services in an interactive and hands-on manner. Encourage visitors to participate in demonstrations, games, or quizzes related to your offerings. Interactive elements not only capture attention but also encourage deeper engagement with your brand. 

Placement of Literature 

As touched on above, literature such as brochures, pamphlets, and catalogues are valuable tools for providing detailed information. By now, it’s likely that you will have all your collateral planned and printed so you should have an idea about what type of literature stands and displays will be suitable. Strategically place literature on your stand for easy access, ensuring it complements the overall design and is in a place that suits your visitors journey through your stand. Use stands or holders that display the literature attractively and neatly. Consider organising them by category or topic to help visitors find the information they are looking for quickly. A promotional info counter can be a great addition to an exhibition stand. Having a place to stand and talk to customers always helps reduce any awkwardness and can be an extra place to display information or products.  

Don’t forget lighting! 

Last but not least, your lighting should have careful consideration. With the potential to significantly enhance the impact of your exhibition stand, lighting techniques can help highlight key elements, create focal points, and evoke desired moods. Consider incorporating display enhancements such as shelves with lighting where you can place products, or interactive screens to add depth and visual interest to your stand. 

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Hopefully our tips and suggestions will have given you some helpful ideas and a good starting point for how to display and showcase information at your exhibition. If you need guidance and help with designing more of your exhibition stand, or help with choosing the right literature stands, contact our team today for a helpful and friendly chat. We provide high quality, durable solutions for any type of exhibition stand, from full shell scheme stand design to the smallest detail.