Why exhibition stand lighting makes all the difference

When it comes to exhibitions, there are many factors involved in a successful stand. The design of the stand and the graphics are always first on the agenda. But one thing that can often get overlooked, but holds a lot of value, is exhibition stand lighting. Do not simply rely on the venues lighting to make your stand, stand out. Lighting is an integral part of the design, so you need to give serious thought to how your lighting works and how it can highlight keys areas and aspects of your stand. It’s a simple and very effective tool, increasing awareness by 30-50%, so needs careful consideration to market yourself properly.

Creating the right ambience

Exhibition stand lighting can help to create the right ambience and atmosphere for your stand. Lighting can change the feel of a room in an instant, from warm and inviting to cold and clinical. Consider how you want your customers to feel as they approach your stand – and how you want them to remember you.

Types of lighting to consider

There are many different lighting options to consider when it comes to exhibition stand lighting. Spotlights are the most practical. Powerful and compact, spotlights can highlight certain areas and details of your stand, including banners, products and walls. Strip lighting is a great way to illuminate the entire perimeter of your floor space, drawing people onto your stand. Banner lights and backlights are a great way to highlight graphics and making your stand visible from afar. In a see for of exhibition stands, you want to make sure you are noticed. Neon lights are great if you want to create a point of difference through colour – the crowd will certainly remember you!

Choose LEDS for your next exhibition stand

LED lights have many benefits when it comes to exhibitions. They shine bright from the moment you turn them on, ideal in any exhibition setting. They are more eco-friendly than a standard lightbulb, using 90% less energy. This minimal use of power means their temperature stays cool, reducing the danger of burns or fires. They can therefore be easily handled by staff and can also be placed closer to graphics and products. And you can run up to 10 LED lights off one socket!

There is a real race for attention when at any exhibition and lighting can play a key role to highlight who you are, what your product or service is, and how appealing you are to the masses. 

Parkes Print for you exhibition needs

If you’re looking for help with you next exhibition and are in the market for an exhibition stand supplier, or are looking for inspiration when it comes to exhibition design, look no further than Parkes Print. We design custom exhibition stands as well as stand hire, and are experts in our field. Let us know about your event and we’ll design a stand with the perfect exhibition stand lighting to meets your requirements. Our experienced design team can help you prepare for your exhibition down to the finest detail, ensuring that your stand supports your marketing goals.  

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