5 ways to stand out at an expo

When it comes to exhibitions, the ultimate goal is to grab people’s attention! You want people to see your stand above all others and, in turn, visit your stand to see you’re offering. Creating stand out can mean pushing boundaries and opting for bright lights, colours and movement! But it is equally as important to stay on brand and be able to show people who you are and what it is you do. We’ve pulled together 5 ways to stand out at your next expo:

Think Of How To Attract Attention

Creating something that attracts attention is a relatively easy thing to do. However, when you couple it with staying on brand, it can become a little trickier to create. This is where your stand design needs serious consideration. Consider bold imagery and large graphics. You want people to see you stand from a mile away and know who are in an instant! If people look at you and don’t understand what your company does, all you’ve created is something to view as they walk on by. You want to attract attention but also customers, so make sure your design does just that!

Choose Colours Carefully

Exhibitions are the perfect place to be bold! You don’t want to find yourself choosing colourways that simply fade into the background. Think about your branding colours and how you might be able to use them. Or choose colours that complement or contrast them. Whatever you decide, make sure you shy away from other competitors tried and tested models. You want to make yourself unique – that way you’re more likely to attract!

Lights, Camera, Action!

It’s amazing the difference lighting can make to any space, particularly, an exhibition stand! Spotlights, and box lights can help to promote certain items, whilst backlit signs can help to boost visual graphics. Videos are particularly effective when explaining your company’s values or products. And some exhibitions stands benefit greatly from having prototypes and demonstrations for the audiences to test out.

At Parkes Print, our media booths are particularly effective, holding a large LCD screen for VR experiences and large counter underneath to house a PC underneath, as well as a lockable door in the rear for access.

Create Clever Focal Points

Focal points are a great way to control where you want the public to look and how you want them to move around your exhibition stand. It can be as simple as adding hanging signs or towers within an exhibition shell stand scheme covered in your company’s brand name or logo, to draw focus onto your stand. 

Try Different Shapes And Textures

Whether you’re opting for a modular stand design, such as an exhibition shell stand scheme, or a bespoke one, you can still add a point of interest through different shapes and textures. Consider what is usually done within your exhibition market and then choose something completely different! If people tend to use squares and rectangles, consider circles and triangles. If you’re wanting to sell products on the day, consider how you might best display them; from wooden crates, to open industrial style bars. And even consider adding furniture and soft furnishings to create a truly immersive experience.

If you’re in the market for a exhibition stand, or need help with any part of the process, let us at Parkes Print take the stress and strain of exhibiting away from you with our market-leading design service. If you would like to learn more about what we offer, including our media booths, and shell scheme exhibition stand services, call us on 01767 603930 or fill out an enquiry form.