Why use a large exhibition fabric display?

When it comes to marketing displays, fabric displays are becoming increasingly popular owing to their lightweight and portable features, their seamless, impactful appearance, and their cost-effectiveness. Primarily used at exhibitions and in retail, there are a range of options to choose from including tension fabric wall displays and large fabric exhibition stands. They are the newer version of the pop-up display, with no panels to line up like a traditional pop-up and no joints – a great benefit of fabric! We’ve pulled together our top reasons why you should use a large exhibition fabric display for your next marketing campaign.  

Strong visual presence 

The impact an exhibition fabric display commands is visually striking. The size and scale of each display draws attention and generates a real wow factor. The large format allows for bold graphics, vibrant colours and high-resolution images, drawing consumers in to find out more about your brand and your products and/or service. Fabric display stands produce a high-quality print of a photo-quality finish with vivid colours, sharper edges and more depth than other display options. And there is no glare with fabric so the imagery is always clearly visible. 

Durable and reusable 

Fabric display stands are essentially a large piece of fabric stretched over a light-weight and durable aluminium frame. The fabric is printed in high-quality with your business’ brand and promotional messaging. They are designed to be long-lasting, typically resistant to wear and tear, as well as fading, ensuring the display retains its visual appearance time and time again. They are also machine washable! 


Fabric displays are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit, from large fabric exhibition stands, to smaller pop-up exhibition fabric displays, to the mid-way tension fabric wall displays. There is something to suit every need and every budget. You can print images, illustrations, logos, graphics, other branding elements, you name it! The fabric can be stretched to create unique shapes and structures to adapt to the space or the design. And the graphics are easily updated if required. 

Lightweight and portable 

Their lightweight and slimline frame is easy to assemble and disassemble, making them very portable and easy to carry. There is therefore a reduction in shipping costs as no large lorries or vehicles are required to move from A to B. And because of their small footprint, they can be used for a multitude of reasons in many locations.  


As the fabric can be printed in one piece, there are no visible gaps or joins, creating a more seamless and professional display. This removes an unnecessary distraction from the graphics and branding and allows the overall design to speak volumes to the consumer.  

Parkes Print Exhibition Fabric Displays  

Exhibition fabric displays are an attractive choice for any brand, offering a strong visual presence, lots of versatility and ease of use. Their lightweight and portable design, durable and long-lasting structure means they are the ultimate cost-effective show-stopping branding option for exhibitions, trade shows and other promotional events.  

If you’re in the market for large fabric exhibition stands, fabric displays or tension fabric displays, look no further than Parkes Print. Let us know about your event and we’ll design an exhibition fabric display which meets your requirements. Our experienced design team can help you prepare for your exhibition down to the finest detail, ensuring you meet your marketing goals.   

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