Why Portable Displays are Popular for Trade Shows

Trade shows are a vital part of any businesses marketing campaign, and are one of the largest sources of revenue for B2B businesses. They are an important marketing strategy for showcasing the brand, products and/or services to a large network of clients and potential business partners. They build awareness, improve customer engagements, enhance product knowledge and drive sales. But this is only possible if the stand has great impact and visibility. One of the more popular ways to increase visibility nowadays is through portable displays. They are easy to put up, cost-effective, flexible and durable. Let’s take a closer look:

Easy to assemble and cost-effective

One of two people can set them up with little to no fuss. Simply open the frame and lock in place – no tools required. And similarly, they are just as quick and easy to disassemble.

With no need for tools or a professional stand display team, they are extremely cost effective. The reduction in set up costs means money can be invested further in branding and other marketing tools. This convenience makes them a more popular choice for many.

Portable and flexible

Portable displays are lightweight and company, often in a carry case, meaning they’re very easy to transport from a to b. Depending on the size, some are even airline friendly, should you be taking your stand abroad.

By choosing a portable display, you can easily adapt and update your branding or offering by simple updating the pop up backdrop banner. Simply remove it from the unit and replace with another – simple!

Versatile and durable

There is a wide range of portable displays to choose from, including different materials, shapes, colours and sizes, so depending on your booth size, marketing needs and budget, you can find the right one to suit your business.

High quality backdrops can be re-used again, and again, and again, before showing any signs of wear and tear, so if you’re likely to attend multiple trade shows over the year, portable displays are a worthwhile investment.

Parkes Print Portable Displays and Backdrops

Pop up exhibition displays and backdrops are a staple for any trade show! Versatile, economical and portable – it’s a winning combination. At Parkes Print, our portable displays and backdrops are superbly engineered to last for years, and are incredible easy to assemble and disassemble. We use only the highest quality materials, giving our customers the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd. With our fantastic range of displays and backdrops, you will definitely find what you need. We offer premium roller banner printing and display printing so you can rest easy knowing your pop up backdrop banner will look its best.  

If you’re in the market for Portable Displays and Backdrops or are looking for inspiration when it comes to exhibitions, look no further than Parkes Print. Let us know about your event and we’ll design a portable display or backdrop which meets your requirements. Parkes are always on hand to discuss any requirements and have years of expertise to help you put together the most attractive display for your budget

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