Why Choose Pop Up Exhibition Stands

The planning and preparation for a successful exhibition stand at an expo or trade show can take months. Not to mention absorb a large chunk of any business’s marketing budget. So, it’s only natural that anyone planning their exhibition stand design will want to pay careful attention to the style and set up of it, including whether to use pop up stands. Let’s take a look at what type of pop up exhibition stands there are out there and why an event marketer would choose them.

Pop Stands with Integrated Screens

In today’s tech forward world, an exhibition stand without some sort of screen would be very unusual. Many companies use tablets to help with managing sales leads, to aid a demonstration or for customers who want to explore what’s on offer at their own leisure, in more detail. TV screens are often employed to assist with promoting a message or having a demo on repeat in the background. If this is a type of communication that your company is aligned with, it can be particularly effective to invest in a pop up stand with an integrated screen.

With these types of stands, there is generally the option to include the TV monitor in the price of the stand or to have a custom size space for an existing TV monitor. There are lots of different designs of pop up stands with integrated screens but talking to a specialist exhibition stand design company will help you get exactly the right product for your needs as well as good quality.

Pop Up Back Drop Banners

Pop up banners are exactly as they sound. They are designed for fast deployment, easy installation and to create a big impact. Often used as backgrounds at events such as trade shows, press releases, sporting events or even weddings and parties, they are an ideal way to tell a story about your message or branding, on a large scale with a wow factor. Printed on a variety of materials, it is easy to select the type that most suits your needs and factor in your budget too. Pop up banners are perfect for transportation as they usually fold flat and are easy and light to move. They are also great for using outdoors which makes them seasonally flexible.

Pop Up Tower Displays

These impressive tower displays are a great way to get your branding seen at an event. An ideal addition to your exhibition stand, they give visual interest because of the added height and can be seen from far and wide. Tower displays will usually be super easy to assemble and collapse as well as being light, making them perfect for transportation – something that an event marketing team will be grateful for if they have multiple events to attend in a season. Because pop up tower displays are 3D, they create maximum visual impact and can be seen from every angle. Placed at the edge of your whole display – they are a perfect way of catching the eye of any customer that walks near your stand.

Choose Parkes for your Pop Up Exhibition Stand

If you need any type of pop up exhibition stand or are looking for inspiration when it comes to exhibition stand design, look no further than Parkes Print. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll be there to help you figure out what best suits your needs. Our experienced design team can help you prepare for your exhibition down to the finest detail.

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