Which exhibition accessories to choose for your stand

When it comes to exhibitions, there is so much more to consider than the stand design. Whilst you want to entice customers in with the wow factor of your stand design, it’s the little details that can truly help to make or break a sale. So which exhibition accessories can help to maximise the return on your investment and increase your chances of a sale? Let’s take a look:

Promotional information counter

Easily incorporated into any exhibition stand, promotional information counters are one of the best display accessories. They provide additional space for marketing your brand as well as adding that professional touch. They can act as a place to showcase small products and literature as well as a place to greet customers. They tend to include some internal storage too for more valuable items. Usually pop up in design, they can be reused again and again – and the removeable graphic wrap allows you to update your design to suit new marketing campaigns. It might also be worth investing in some exhibition stools to encourage customers to sit at the counter whilst talking to the exhibitors. Or indeed, for the exhibitors to sit on while they wait for potential customers.

Exhibition literature stands

Despite modern technologies people still like to receive something tangible. Literature, such as brochures and leaflets are ideal for this – they can provide customers with a catalogue of products as well as contact details should they will to look you up after the event. Paper marketing can look messy if not displayed correctly, which is where exhibition literature stands come in handy. It allows you to showcase your brochures and leaflets in a neat and organised way and requires little floorspace. Portable A4 brochure stands are ideal for this very reason. Remember to display them strategically to entice visitors to browse.

Pop up tower display

Easily incorporated into any exhibition stand, these pop up tower displays have a small footprint, allowing them to be use in both large and small stands. Coupled with an iPad, pop up tower displays can showcase a wider range of products and/or services from your business. Remember, once you have people on your stand, you want them to stay, so be sure your pop up tower display gives them enough juice to invest.

Parkes Print Exhibition Stands for Hire 

If you’re in the market to hire an exhibition stand, or are looking for inspiration when it comes to exhibition stand hire and which exhibition accessories to choose, look no further than Parkes Print. Let us know about your event and we’ll design an exhibition stand which meets your requirements. Our experienced design team can help you prepare for your exhibition down to the finest detail, ensuring that your hired stand supports your marketing goals.  

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