When to Replace your Exhibition Graphics

It might be that your business has an “exhibition season”. A time in your calendar when you are dedicated to promotional activities, travelling to local, national or global trade shows to market and develop your business. It may be that you have an entire department who has a whole schedule of exhibitions on a regular basis. Whatever your promotional programme looks like, there will always come a time that your exhibition graphics require some TLC. When it comes to updating exhibition graphics, there are a few key factors to consider.

Keep it relevant

Consider the pertinence of the information being displayed. Your business may have evolved, grown or restructured since your last exhibition. If your graphical information is outdated or no longer accurate, it’s important to update it as soon as possible. This will ensure that visitors to your exhibition stand will be drawn in by up-to-date information and don’t feel duped with misleading or outdated messages. Additionally, if you haven’t refreshed your trade show stand for a while and you offer more services than previously, you risk missing out on new customers who could be drawn in by those new offerings. In this instance, replacement exhibition graphics will help bring a ROI by including messaging about your up-to-date services.

Looking fresh

Another important factor to consider is the overall design of the exhibition. If the graphics are looking worn or dated, it may be time to update them to keep the exhibition looking current and modern. This can help you attract and engage visitors and can even help to increase the overall effectiveness of your exhibition stand. It sounds obvious but if you have recently undergone a rebrand, then make sure you don’t overlook or forget about your exhibition stand graphics and leave it till the last minute. The last thing you need is for your exhibition stand to be out of synch with any promotional products literature.

Frequent usage

The frequency of use of the graphics may also play a role in determining when to update them. For example, if the graphics are used frequently and seen by many people, it may be worth updating them more frequently than graphics that are used less often. Customers who are exposed to your exhibition branding frequently are more likely to become desensitised to it and therefore may not notice you as much as other, newer or updated business graphics. In this instance, replacement exhibition graphics are well worth the investment, and it is worth employing the help of a graphic designer to keep everything looking exciting and enticing on a regular basis.

To hire or not to hire

If it is time to invest in replacement exhibition graphics then the question of exhibition stand hire may come up for you. If, unlike the above type of businesses, your attendance at exhibitions is infrequent, it may be worth considering exhibition stand hire in place of investing in a full stand. If your attendance at exhibitions is sporadic but is on a large scale on those occasions, then this could be a particularly advantageous consideration. An exhibition stand hire company will be able to assist you in putting together a bespoke trade show stand, making you memorable and distinctive, to really getting you noticed, without the expense of buying everything outright or factoring in storage for all the kit.

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