The Advantages of Using Sheet Labels

Sheet labels are arguably one of the most popular types of labels used in marketing. Used in a wide variety of applications, they are popular for printing at home as well as in the office. Available in a range of label shapes, including ovals, rectangles, squares and circles; and made from continuous pressure-sensitive laminates cut into individual sheets, sheet labels can also have different finishes, from matte and gloss variations, as well as being UV, water and oil resistant. We’ve explored the advantages of sheet labels in more detail below:


Sheet labels can accommodate whatever design you want! Printable blank labels allow you to print on-demand. Sheet labels can be used for a number of applications, from packages to mailing letters, envelope seals, product labelling, shipping, address labels and gift tags. The possibilities are endless. And with pre-saved label templates, you can print labels off quickly and efficiently.

Easy to distribute

If you need a lot of sheet labels for an event such as a trade show, fair or convention, sheet labels are much easier to divide up among team members to ensure everyone has some as opposed to their roll label counterparts. And they’re easier to calculate and distribute the exact quantities for each team member rather than estimating with roll labels.


With a variety of customisable options, you can easily create sheet labels that stand out from the crowd. You can consider experimenting with various label materials, shapes, fonts and even colours to make something truly unique for your branding.

Ideal for small businesses

Sheet labels can be printed using both laser and inkjet printers. This makes them the perfect solution for small businesses, especially if they need some labels printing fast. Sheet labels are also ideally placed for printing a number of different designs on each sheet, in order to save time and money.

Printed custom labels that perform, protect, brand and promote with Parkes Print and Design

Sheet labels have become the popular choice for labelling as they offer greater flexibility to their roll label counterparts. With just a single piece of blank sheet label, you can print off various sizes, shapes and designs to suit your needs. Whether you opt for pre-printed or plain printer labels, Parkes Print has a label option for every application. Their laser and inkjet self-adhesive label sheets offer problem free feeding, excellent adhesion, first class colour reproduction and are completely guaranteed. They are easy to format with your own software and are produced from high quality and environmentally friendly materials.

At Parkes Print and Design, we offer Self-Adhesive labels, printed or plain to any shape size or colour or material. We provide you with the solution for a wide range of label requirements, including sheet labels. Get in Touch for a Label Requirement 01767 669714 or fill out an enquiry form.