The Advantages Of Business Card Printing

Even in today’s digital era, the humble business card remains an invaluable tool for sharing vital business information with potential clients or partners. Its tangible nature offers an immediacy that digital platforms can’t replicate, ensuring that it stays in people’s minds and provides quick access to your business details without the need for extensive online searching. Let’s take a look at the advantages of Business Card Printing and why they are still as important today as they ever were:

Affordable Promotion

Business cards can be ordered in bulk at a relatively low cost, providing excellent value for your investment. Whether you’re printing for yourself or your employees, you’ll find that you can acquire a substantial quantity for a modest price. And once you’ve settled on a design, reordering more cards in the future is a straightforward process.

Effective for events and exhibitions

These sorts of gatherings are perfect for making sales and expanding your network. Sometimes potential leads need time to think before making a final decision and that is where exchanging business cards is crucial to securing a sale! By giving your contact details, you are not only providing contacts with a simple reminder of your brand, but you are also providing them with an easy link to further communications at a later date. And it doesn’t take up much space either!

Something Real

People prefer to have something physical they can touch and hold onto. In a digital age, business cards are tangible pieces of your brand that people can take with them. By crafting a compelling design with content that highlights how your product and/or services addresses their needs, people are more likely to keep a business card and therefore remember and return to your brand.

Ideal for specific industries and occupations

Despite our reliance on laptops and smartphones in today’s world, there are situations where only a physical business card will suffice. Especially where digital connectivity is limited. Industries such as building or landscaping, plumbing or electrical, rely heavily on business cards to share contact details. 

Easy to retain contact details

The main purpose of a business card is to share your contact details with a prospective or existing client. It is the simplest way to deliver contact information to people as it’s all in one place, as sometimes this information is easy to forget. Business cards capture the information in one place so you can recall it long after meeting the person.

Creates a personal touch and lasting impression

The act of giving a business card is so much more than the business card itself. It’s the act of meeting a person and making a connection with them. When you hand it over, you are demonstrating that you are a reliable representative of your company, which can leave a lasting impression. Exchanging business cards is more than just providing contact details, it’s about building a level of trust with someone. Having a Business Card says a lot about you and your business, but with a personal touch.

Small but mighty

Business cards are a handy size to keep in your pocket whether you’re at work or off duty – you never know when a business opportunity may arise. Taking up minimal space, business cards are conveniently portable, and can prove invaluable in seizing unexpected chances. A well-designed Business Card is a window into what your business offers and can help commit your business to memory.

Build trust with Parkes Print’s Business Card Printing

By exchanging cards, you are helping your customers to know your brand better. Business card printing helps to create a bridge between you and your customers as well as build a level of trust. They are the best marketing tool to form a good first impression and can help you to hold onto customers too. It is essential that your business card leaves a lasting impression. At Parkes Print, our matt laminated Business Cards are printed on high-quality FSC 400gsm board to help avoid cards from rubbing and marking. Available as single or double-sided, we offer artwork and enhancement services, as well as multiple name options for you and your colleagues. We can also offer spot pantone or metallic options if required.

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