Interactive ways to enhance your exhibition stand

Modern technology has empowered brands to create immersive and interactive experiences for customers – and exhibitions stands shouldn’t be any different. Customers at trade shows are still seeking memorable experiences and interactions, so an appealing visual product display just simply isn’t enough anymore. Interactive visual merchandising technologies are a great way to boost product sales and client footfall, achieving a greater return on investment. We’ve pulled together some of the best interactive ways to enhance your exhibition stand at your next trade show:

Interactive showcases

Taking product display to a whole new level, interactive showcases allow you to respond to tactile signals and improve customer interaction. Once a customer shows interest in a product, it can provide all the essential information about that product. This can be done in the form of a catalogue of a guided tour, depending on the product you are promoting. Once you have gained someone’s interest you can ensure the showcase guides them in the most effective way around your company and your products and/or service. This can be achieved by simply having a pop up stand with integrated screen, or through a countertop iPad stand.

Try-on Mirrors

These are perfect for beauty, cosmetics or optical traders. Designed by using Augmented Reality to give customers the chance to experiment with a new look, in real-time without having to physically try on any make-up or glasses. By simulating the desired look in a split second, you will find many customers wanting to try a wider variety of options, leading to increased levels of custom.

Immersive environments

People love to be exposed to new experiences and there is a plethora of ways to create that immersive and experiential space within your exhibition stand. 3D hologram projectors can take your customers on an immersive journey; augmented reality can turn a bland room into a fully immersive environment through digital overlay; and even virtual reality can transport your audience to another place as soon as you put on the headgear. And if money is an issue, you can also experience this simply by having a pop up display with TV stand to generate an immersive environment taking customers on a journey through your company.

Robotic assistance

There is no denying that any form of robotics still attracts a crowd. By having some form of robot on your booth to greet customers and give them information about your company and your products in an engaging way can help to attract more people onto your stand than a visual graphic.

Custom made App for attendees

If you want the immersive experience to go beyond the stand, why not consider an App for your company and products allowing customers to receive push notifications and an event agenda for the day. That way, you can hope to draw people in from the other side of the exhibition hall to see what you have to sell.

Parkes Print Exhibition Stands for Hire 

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