How To Wow With Your Exhibition Stand Design

If you exhibit or are looking to exhibit your products or services at a trade show, you should know that trade shows are a great way to market your company, when done right. People who attend trade shows come with intent to buy, and exhibitions therefore offer brands face-to-face meetings with prospective clients who already have a level of interest in buying new products. With so many people to entice and so many competitors to out-manoeuvre, you may be wondering what are the best ways to wow with your exhibition stand design to attract potential customers onto your stand above all others? Let’s take a look:

Takeaway messages

Before any design can begin, you need to give serious thought to what messages you want your customers to takeaway. What is it you want your customers to know after they’ve been to your stand? What is it you want to communicate? Once you know what you want to achieve, you can then steer your stand design in the right direction – and add some serious WOW in the process!

Print and tech displays

A combination of print and tech displays help to create the ultimate wow factor. Hanging ceiling signs and backdrop printing are ideal for displaying large stand-out imagery, as well as your company name and logo; hanging ceiling signs can be visible from all angles within the trade show and backdrop printing is the perfect way to get people onto the stand for a closer inspection.

Tech displays such as slide shows on flat screen TVs can really make a statement and showcase more of your services and products if your stand area is tight on space. The moving imagery is sure to cause people to stop and stare.

Use all of the senses

Whilst visual displays are great in creating an instant reaction, consider utilising the other senses as well to really push the boundaries. Music is a great way to grab attention, and having physical products for people to touch is always a bonus. Add some perfume or aroma to the stand so people have your sent on them for the rest of the exhibition. And where possible, have something to taste. If you include at least three of the senses, you’re winning!

Marketing materials

As well as the overall stand design, you want to ensure you are creating unique marketing materials for people to takeaway. Consider texture, stock, shape, style and even special print effects to make your marketing materials as WOW as your stand. And make sure they are easily accessible and readily visible too – consider how they are displayed on exhibitions counters or specific POS display stands.

Promotional products

Giveaways are always a winner, especially at trade shows. They may be the one thing that people have to remember you by, so make sure they are as creative as the rest of the stand and marketing materials. Think about your brand, product and/or services and give thought to what type of promotional products might work best for you.

Parkes Print Exhibition Stands for Hire 

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