How to plan an outdoor exhibition stand

Unlike indoor events, there are many varying factors that come into planning an outdoor exhibition stand; and the main reason for this is the weather! It is unpredictable, and can turn in an instant. This can affect the structure and solidity of the stand; and in turn the overall design and even the final look. You really need to give serious thought about how your stand is going to work within an exposed environment. It needs to be highly durable and strong enough to withstand any weather conditions; and it also needs to light enough to be easy transported should plans change and the event needs to be moved indoors at short notice. And with all this in mind, your stand still needs to look the part – it needs to deliver the same level of design and professionalism than any indoor stand. We have pulled together some key things to consider when planning an outdoor exhibition stand:

Early planning and flexibility are essential

Whether you’re planning the entire event or just your stand, you need to make sure you have enough time to plan efficiently and effectively. Plan in stages to avoid overcomplicating things; start with the venue – consider the terrain and whether the ground is suitable; then consider transport – and how you will move your stand from A to B; and finally, consider the stand design layout – will it work within an outdoor environment. Ensure there is flexibility in what you have chosen too – weather might mean location or times needs to move at a moment’s notice, so make sure you have accommodated for all factors.

Prepare for all weather

In many cases, the show must go on, so you need to ensure you have factored in all types of weather conditions. Come rain or shine, there will be a need for some form of shelter. Check to see whether the organisers have organised some form or marquee, and what the height restrictions are. And if not, consider how you might need to invest in some sort of pop-up tent or gazebo. You don’t want to alienate your customers if you haven’t properly prepared. So, make sure there is a at least some space on your stand that provides a level of shelter for people to congregate.  

Ensure you have essential supplies for outdoor events

If you’re still planning to use music or lighting for an outdoor event, you will likely need a power station and extension cables. You will also need to ensure your electrical equipment is properly weatherproofed. A first aid kit always comes in handy and don’t forget to have ample tape to stick things down, pens and paper to write on, and business cards to hand out!

Ensure your stand is clearly visible

As with all exhibitions, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of stands, so make sure yours is noticeable for all angles. Consider heavy duty banner frames and outdoor roller banners to ensure your stand and your brand is not only noticeable from every corner, but is sufficiently suitable for outdoor exhibiting. The use of outdoor poster stands dotted around the event are also an effective tool to ensure there are ways of people finding your stand.

Parkes Print Exhibition Stands for Hire 

Exhibiting outdoors is significantly differently to exhibiting indoors, and failure to understand and account for this could lead to disaster. That’s where Parkes Print can help!

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