How to get your direct mail campaign right

In today’s modern world, digital marketing channels such as email and social media are growing rapidly in popularity for their ease, reach and low-cost. However, physical advertising still has a significantly positive impact on customers. If you’re looking for a highly effective way to reach customers outside of digital marketing, look no further than a direct mail campaign. With the right techniques and tools, you can create a direct mail campaign that is cost-effective, reaches your target audience and gets results. Let’s take a look:

Define your target audience

The first step to an effective direct mail campaign is to agree who your target audience is. Direct mail is sent directly to customers via mail to gain their business, so you want to be sure you are sending it to the right demographic to cause any real effect. And by knowing who you are sending it to, you can make sure you tailor your message to suit. You can also choose to personalise your direct mail campaign to include people’s names to help build a connection and increase your chances of a response.

Set a clear goal

Give thought to what you are trying to achieve with your direct mail campaign printing. Clear goals and objectives will help to measure the success of your campaign – whether generating leads, increasing sales, or raising brand awareness – make sure your goals are specific and measurable.

Create a compelling message

Once you know your audience and your goal, ensure your messaging is compelling and resonates with your target audience. Your language should be clear, concise, and benefits-focused. Ensure you highlight any unique features of your product and/or service and how it can help solve your audiences’ problems.

Consider your design and format

The design of your direct mail is an essential part of your marketing campaign. Images and graphics need to be relevant to your message as well as visually appealing. Colours and fonts should complement each other and make your message stand out. You also want to ensure you have enough space around your message so it’s easier to read and grasp. There are many different formats you can consider for your direct mail campaign, such as postcards, letters, self-mailers, catalogues, inserts etc. so make sure you choose a format that works.

Choose your call to action carefully

Your call to action (CTA) is crucial to your goal for your direct mail campaign. There’s no point sending a direct mail without a clear call to action. Otherwise, how will you track and measure your results? Whether you use tracking codes or unique URLs to track responses, you will be able to monitor your sales and lead generation and give your audience a reason to read your direct mail campaign in the first place.

Get your direct mail campaign right with Parkes Print

Direct mail performs well for several reasons; it’s interactive, memorable, has a wide demographic, creative and in the current digital age, there is less competition with other companies who are abandoning physical marketing efforts. As a commercial printing company and mailing house, using the latest technology, we at Parkes Print can offer a tailored solution for your mailing and fulfilment services.

So, if you’re in the market for a direct mail campaign, or are looking for inspiration, look no further than Parkes Print. Let us know about your campaign and we’ll design a direct mail which meets your requirements. Our experienced design team and printers in Bedfordshire can help you prepare your direct mail campaign printing down to the finest detail, ensuring that your marketing goals are met.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help with your direct mail campaign, call us on 01767 603930 or fill out an enquiry form.