How To Design Printed Media Stands

When it comes to designing the best display for your business, whether it’s a banner, a pop-up display or indeed a media stand, you need to ensure you are producing something memorable, informative and most importantly, of the best quality. Media stands are a great way to encourage visitors to interact with your promotional materials in their own time, so it’s important you design them effectively. We’ve pulled together a simple guide on how to design eye-catching printed media stands for your business:

Keep it simple

Media stands are usually found in high-traffic areas where people might not spend a long period of time. The design therefore needs to be kept simple and to the point, in order to catch the attention of the passers-by. The idea is that the media stand gives a brief overview of your business so ensure you have your logo, a strong image and, where possible, your core USPs.

Be memorable

As well as keeping things simple, you want to ensure your printed media stand leaves something to remember you by. There is always room for contact details, whether you opt for a phone number, a URL or an address, it’s always good to have this information somewhere on your banner so people can take the information down to use for future reference.

Key Products/services

The first thing people will ask about your company is who are you, and what is it you do/sell? Make sure you have the answers on your printed media stand. By having key points visible for all to see, it gives prospects a clear and easy view of your company at a moments glance. You can then build on these points through other forms of marketing, such as flyers and leaflets.

High resolutions images

As with any piece of marketing, you need to ensure you are producing a quality piece. You therefore don’t want to scrimp on the quality of your images. A poor resolution will give off an unprofessional look, so make sure your images are at least 300dpi and in a CMYK format to avoid this. Depending on your image, you may also need to invest in some photoshop. Images at a larger scale can often show things you may not have seen at a smaller scale – so make sure you choose and edit your images wisely.

Brand guidelines

Every company should have some brand guidelines, including company colours, logo and typefaces. You want to ensure your printed media stand incorporates these guidelines to ensure you have a streamline and professional look across all your mediums.

Use colour

Colour is always important. Whether it’s through bold imagery or your strong logo, colour is key to ensuring you evoke the right response with people.  Red, orange and yellow can help to attract new business, and blues and greens give off a more professional and authoritative tone. So, give thought to what you want to achieve and consider your colours wisely.

Consider your material

Printed media stands can be printed using a range of different materials, from polyester-based media to polypropylene, PVC or fabric. Consider which material will work best for you and your business. If you’re wanting to use your stands again and again, you might want to choose something more durable. Or if you’re more eco-conscious you may want to steer clear of plastics. You also need to give thought to the finished look as some materials will saturate colours more than others. If in doubt, speak to a design company for help!

Use technology

If you want a printed media stand with a little bit extra, consider something with added technology. Immersive interactive media stands are likely to attract more attention and will make your brand more memorable. Media centres offer an added way to capture data from prospective customers, incorporating quizzes, videos and contact forms. So, if costs allow, consider giving your media stand an added edge.

Parkes Print Printed Media Stands

The sole purpose of printed media stands is to attract attention. Providing you maintain your brand identity, use high resolution images and keep your message simple and to the point, you can create something that will not only attract attention, but will drive interested and hopeful sales.

If you’re in the market for a printed media stand or are looking for help and inspiration, look no further than Parkes Print. Let us know about your event and we’ll design a printed media stand which meets your requirements. Our experienced design team can help you prepare for your exhibition down to the finest detail, ensuring that your hired stand supports your marketing goals.  

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