How to deck out your exhibition stand in style

Whether you’re a trade show veteran or newbie, we’re sure you’ll be aware of the many benefits of showing at one. Exhibition stands are an effective way to showcase your brand, connect with potential customers, and generate leads. However, with so many companies competing for attention at trade shows and exhibitions, it can be challenging to create an exhibition stand that grabs people’s attention and leaves a lasting impression. Below, we run through some tips for decking out your exhibition stand in style that will help you emerge from the crowd. 

Before you start… 

Designing your exhibition stand will likely be your first port of call. But it’s essential to define your objectives before you even start with this. What are you hoping to achieve by participating in the exhibition? Are you looking to generate leads, increase brand awareness, launch a new product, or something else? It’s important that your stand design is aligned with your objectives so that you can use it to your advantage in its entirety. Additionally, knowing your audience and what their interests and preferences are, is essential prior to commencing design. Understanding your target audience will help you design an exhibition stand that resonates with them. Consider factors like the age group, gender, industry, and job titles of attendees, and design your stand accordingly. 

Welcome your people 

Having an inviting space is your first step towards getting prospective customers to interact and engage. This requires taking a holistic approach to the look and feel of your exhibition stand. From considering lighting and colour schemes to seating, counter placement, and any accessories you are implementing. Avoid thinking that a minimal approach to accessories is the way forward since having an expanse of space is off-putting and makes visitors feel exposed. No one will want to be the first in there and someone needs to be first! Having a portable information counter is a great way to welcome people to your stand. Housing all sorts of information and providing a place to stand, people will be drawn to what’s there.  

Be brave with a bold statement 

Your exhibition stand should catch people’s attention. You are literally trying to divert customers away from the competition! So your stand should be distinctive enough to achieve this. You can do this through the use of daring graphics, creative lighting, and attention-grabbing signage. You want your stand to be visually striking and memorable. A pop up tower display can be the perfect exhibition accessory for grabbing people’s attention. Standing tall and brandishing your message, they are hard to miss. Conversely, creating a zen, peaceful space can stand you apart from what might be an already noisy and stimulating environment. A place for people to escape might be just the kind of bold statement to separate you from the competition as well. So, think strategically. 

Create an immersive experience 

Your exhibition stand should provide an immersive experience that engages attendees and leaves a lasting impression. This could include interactive displays, virtual reality experiences, or hands-on demonstrations. The more engaging and interactive your stand, the more likely attendees are to remember it. 

Utilise technology and hardware 

Technology can be a powerful tool for creating a stand-out exhibition stand. Consider incorporating elements like HD TV screens, interactive touchscreens such as a countertop iPad stand, or augmented reality into your design. This not only makes your stand more engaging but also positions your brand as progressive and innovative. Similarly, making the most of exhibition hardware such as a promotional counter with wheels means you can take advantage of the space available on your stand, enabling you to move it around as needed according to the crowd and other staff, keeping things looking fresh throughout the day.  

Create a comfortable environment 

Finally, it’s essential to create a comfortable environment that encourages attendees to spend time at your stand. This could include comfortable seating, refreshments, or charging stations. By creating a welcoming and comfortable environment, you make it easy for attendees to spend more time at your stand and engage with your brand. 

Parkes Print and Design – The Exhibition Experts 

Creating a stand-out exhibition stand takes careful planning, creativity, and attention to detail. By considering all the above points, you can design an exhibition stand that leaves a lasting impression and generates results for your brand. Talk to Parkes today about how we can help you create an exhibition stand that really wows.