Exhibition accessories to help make an impact


You’ve chosen your stand position, you’ve chosen your stand design, now it’s time to consider your exhibition accessories to help make an impact. There are two types of accessories to consider, the ones that grab attention and the ones that perform a function. Let’s take a look:


Functional accessories

These are the accessories that have a job to do, such as exhibition counters and stools, exhibition tables and branded gazebos. Exhibition counters are the ideal place for staff and customers to congregate and exchange information. And it’s a great place to showcase literature. Most of them can integrate graphic panels too for adding branding enhancement. Exhibition stools and tables work in a similar way to get people onto the stand and to stick around to see what the offering is.


Depending on the location of the conference, branded gazebos can be a great choice to keep the natural elements at bay, as well as producing a great opportunity to enhance visual branding and get you noticed.


Attention grabbing accessories

These are the accessories which, if designed correctly, are impressive and eye-catching, and guaranteed to visually push your brand into the forefront of people’s minds. Items such as pop-up backdrop banners and freestanding signposts are great for this task. Personalised to suit your brand and branding message, these items can catch the eye and make a real on-brand statement.


Pop-up backdrop banners and freestanding signposts are extremely economical too whilst being eye-catching. They are durable, portable and available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. They are usually rather versatile too and can be used after the exhibition back at the office. Branded gazebos can even come under this category, whilst serving a function, can create some real drama and a true focal point to your stand and brand.



Parkes Print for all your exhibition requirements 

If you’re in the market to hire an exhibition stand, are looking for inspiration when it comes to exhibition stand hire, including graphics and accessories, look no further than Parkes Print. Let us know about your event and we’ll design an exhibition stand and exhibition accessories to meet your requirements. Our experienced design team can help you prepare for your exhibition down to the finest detail, ensuring that your stand supports your marketing goals.  

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