Why Promotional Counters For Exhibitions Are An Asset

Many businesses attend exhibitions, trade fayres and corporate events as part of their overall marketing and advertising strategies. To book a display stand at these events usually doesn’t come cheap, so getting the maximum impact for your product is vital. You need your exhibition stand to be eye-catching and vibrant. A well designed, laid-out and fronted exhibition stand will attract potential customers to your products as opposed to the ‘competition’ present at the event.

With this in mind, you should use every possible advantage that you can. Promotional counters offer one such advantage. They are great vehicles to boost your presence at the event and highlight your products and services. Here are a few aspects and potential benefits of promotional counters for you to consider:

What Defines a Promotional Counter?

Promotional counters, or exhibition counters as they are sometimes referred to, are quite commonplace in many retail chain outlets. They are the in-house “stalls” that are often giving away free samples of a specific product. Usually food or drink for you to sample and tempt you into buying the product. These bespoke exhibition counters are now being used more frequently at exhibitions and trade fayres.

They act as a forefront to the main exhibition stall, more in the eyeline of passing footfall and drawing attention to the exhibit. They are visible ‘showcases’ for a product or service, sometimes offering free merchandise – usually branded promotional and marketing items – giving a more prominent platform for product placement.

Circular Promotional Counters

These bespoke exhibition counters can take on different guises and appearances and come in varying shapes and sizes. Some are small enough to be portable and come readily equipped with tailored carry cases making them versatile and convenient to use at multiple exhibitions or even at different locations within one event. These portable counters are easy to assemble and disassemble and are ideal from which to distribute brochures or marketing materials and can act as ‘meet and greet’ points for your customers.

Pop-Up Promotional Counters

More substantial pop-up promotional counters can be utilised, with wood or glass counters, which present a more luxurious and upmarket appearance for your product display and promotion. These circular promotional counters are great demonstration platforms designed specifically to showcase products.

These exhibition counters can be completely customisable, perhaps incorporating a graphic wrap display highlighting your brand image, message, and colours. A customised pop-up promotional counter can be presented in such a way as to be completely unique offering a bespoke exhibition counter advertising your products. Promotional counters can be presented in a professional and stylish manner and be integrated into a prestigious exhibition stand identifying your business as a high-end organisation which could encourage people to explore further and potentially engage with your company.

Parkes Display Printing and Exhibition Signage

If you are new to exhibiting and need some help and advice with exhibition signage and displays, look no further than Parkes. We have a team dedicated to exhibition design, specialising in helping marketing professions who need to create an immediate impression. We work with you to produce the best possible exhibition signage and displaces for your event, and for your brand image. Whatever you require, whatever your budget, we’ve got you covered.

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