An Essential Checklist For Exhibitions At Trade Shows

Exhibitions and trade shows are a great way to meet and network with current and potential clients as well as enhance your brand visibility in your own industry. They can be a great marketing platform and a cost-effective strategy, if executed well. Proper planning ahead of time is required to gain the most success from your stand. As trade shows are full of competitors trying to catch the attention of potential customers and partners, you have limited time to ensure that your stand catches the eye of passers-by in the hustle and bustle of it all. It is therefore essential to have a clear checklist for what you need and what you need to achieve to ensure your success! Let’s take a look:

Before the event

  • Be strategic with the events you want to attend. Make sure you choose ones that reflect your brand and will help your business. Talk to others in your industry to get a feel for which trade shows would best work for you.
  • Budget accordingly for your stand. You need to give thought to the cost for the space, and the stand, as well as any electrics, wifi, and hotels/transport if the event is far away.
  • Book early to avoid disappointment. Trade shows get booked up months in advance so make sure you book early enough to get the stand space you desire.
  • Stand location is important. You want to be visible from at least two directions to increase your chances of being seen. And you want to be near a high traffic location so you get as many passers-by as possible.
  • Research which competitors will be there so you know what you’re up against. And check if there are any discounts or packages for first-timers or regular traders.
  • Call to Action is important. Think about what you want your visitors to do. Are they going to buy something; sign up for more information; or are you launching a new product or service. Once you know what you want to achieve you can better design your stand.
  • Stand design It needs to represent and define your brand in a competitive space. It needs to emphasis your USPs so make sure your graphics and branding are strong and consistent. Give thought to every inch of your space, from the promotional aspects, to the practical storage and electrics.
  • Lists for everything you need; including what to take, and who to contact including trade show and stand builder information.

During the event

  • Promotional products are a great way to get customers to remember you. Whether it’s literature, or a giveaway item such as a pen, bag or gift. Ensure it aligns with your branding and core messaging and you will ensure you have a long-lasting effect.
  • Gathering contacts is one of the main reasons to exhibit. So make sure you have a way to gather people’s contact information, whether they have to write it down, or you take a business card. Gathering contacts is a great way to follow up after the event.
  • Welcome people onto your stand. Make sure you choose the right people to represent your business. You want to give off a positive approach that engages with passers-by.

After the event

  • Follow up on any contacts you made on the day. Make sure you strike while the iron is hot and contact people soon after the event so it is still fresh in their minds. Try to call where you can as emails can be easily ignored.
  • Review costs after any trade show. It’s always worth seeing what your final expenditure was so you can evaluate and assess where you might be able to spend less or where you might need to invest more in next time.
  • Overall review of the event is always worth doing too. See what you thought went well, what might need improving and what you might want to achieve next time.
  • Plan you next exhibition! Once you’ve finished one event, its usually time to start planning the next.

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