The Mighty Impact of a Small Exhibition Counter

A small exhibition counter may seem unassuming, but it can have a mighty impact when strategically designed and utilised at events, trade shows, and exhibitions. Get creative by compounding your ideas and cutting the wheat from the chaff so to speak. In this blog we will discuss how a small exhibition counter can make a significant difference to your company and brand. 


They are versatile and mobile


Exhibition counters can be used beyond trade shows. They’re suitable for pop-up shops, product launches, seminars, and other events where a compact and attention-grabbing display is needed.  Use them in libraries and community centres when you need to get information across.


When used as an information hub, display product brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials on or around the counter to provide people visiting your stall with essential information about your offerings.


They can be engaging and interactive


Whatever space you are using your counter in, it is often one of the first things people will notice as they approach you.   Therefore, a well-designed counter can set the tone for your brand and create a positive first impression that invites visitors to learn more.


Customise the counter to suit your brand and the event theme. Consider unique shapes, lighting effects, and accessories to make your counter stand out.


Get involved and get interactive! Depending on the counter’s design, it can offer a surface for product demonstrations or samples. Getting hands-on creates a memorable experience for your visitors while allowing you to engage with your audience.


They provide a space to get personal


And speaking of engagement, don’t forget a small counter can serve as a conversation starter. It provides a comfortable space for you to engage with visitors, answer questions, and initiate discussions about your products or services.


Also, you can incorporate technology like tablets or laptops on the counter to collect attendee information for lead generation. This can help you follow up with potential clients after the event.


They provide branding and messaging opportunities


An exhibition counter acts as your focal point.  So, by incorporating your company’s logo, colours, and branding elements, you can create a visually cohesive and recognisable presence that draws people in.


A creatively designed counter can leave a lasting impression. People visiting your stall are more likely to remember and recall your brand if it includes distinctive and appealing elements.


Ensuring that your stall is well designed and cohesive will add an air of professionalism.  It conveys that you’ve put thought into your presentation.  This can positively impact how your brand is perceived.  In turn, increasing the chance of achieving successful follow ups if that is your goal.


They make efficient use of space and are easy to set up


Keep your counter clutter free by utilising storage space that many counters include. This can be used to store marketing materials, giveaways, and personal items, helping to keep your booth organised and everything in its place.


They are so space-efficient, that they work well in compact event arrangements.  This maximises your counter’s footprint without sacrificing functionality.  Their space saving ways also mean easy to transport and easy to set up, so less manpower required.


Plus, if time is tight, using a small counter means no more long arduous set ups or dismantling.  That’s great on any day of the week, right?!


More money in your pocket


All the saving on manpower transfers to your pocket with less hours required and less hands! Not only that, but small exhibition counters are often more affordable than their larger counterparts. 


Make more gains with savings on transport costs and needing less staff to run your counter. They truly are a budget-friendly investment for any businesses looking to make an impact without breaking the bank.


Parkes Print and Design – The exhibition specialists


A small exhibition counter holds the potential to deliver a powerful impact. With thoughtful design, branding, and strategic placement, it’s a versatile tool that helps you engage with people at any event.


Let Parkes help you communicate your message and make your mark! We work with business marketing professionals who are competing for attention, to create an immediate indelible impression. To let us help you with your event solutions get in touch: 01767 603930