360° Success: Unveiling the Magic of Circular Promotional Counters

Promotional counters are an essential tool for any business. Whether at a trade show or a promotional event, they help attract attention and increase brand awareness for your business. Versatile, and easy to set up they are the perfect marketing tool. And if you want to offer truly amazing visual impact for your business, circular promotional counters offer that little bit extra! There are just a few things to keep in mind:

Make your counter stand out

Eye-catching graphics that cover the full 360° will really make your counter stand out. Choose graphics, colours and messages to grab people’s attention from all angles and draw them in. Carefully consider the balance of your design so it makes sense from wherever you look and whatever angle.

Position your counter carefully

When it comes to the position of your counter, you need to be strategic as it can make all the difference to your success. It needs to be in a high-traffic area where it is easily accessible and highly visible. Carefully considered lighting can also help to highlight your stand with strategically placed spotlights or up-lighters.

Embrace the circle

Promotional counters are just as important, if not more so, than the rest of the stand. You’ve enticed customers to come in, but now you need to get them to stay to talk shop. Circular counters allow you to display your business from all angles, and you can work them in a multitude of ways, with different sections for different purposes. For example, you could have an area for giveaways and an area for leaflets, all whilst having the ability to move around the circle to talk to customers freely and show what you have to offer.

Promotional counter features

These circular counters are so easy to assemble, with a tubular framework, covered by zip release fabric graphics. The aluminium hardware pushes together and graphics simply slide over the frame. They are equally simple to dismantle and super easy to transport as they are lightweight and space-saving. You can also replace the graphics as and when required meaning the counter itself can last and will look as good as new for years to come.

Circular Promotional Counters for any event with Parkes Print

At Parkes Print, we supply a wide range of portable and lightweight exhibition counters for any trade show or promotional event. They are all designed to be easily transported and assembled in a matter of minutes and most are supplied complete with custom printed graphics to match your branding to ensure maximum brand exposure.

Whatever event you’re planning for, we have the ideal solution to ensure you make the most of your space and maximise your impact.