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Toblerone Packaging

This simple assembly card design allows you to keep up to date on what's important. Whether it's a meeting or simply a personal event, make sure you're always one step ahead.

The final product will be supplied flat packed to allow ease of storage and transportation.

Use these Personalised Toblerone's to keep your name on view...
You have a great product...But do your customers know?

Effective Advertising
Personalised Calendars are a great way to say:

  • 'Thank you' to all your clients for their business.  Show them how much you appreciate their business.
  • Regular and meaningful contact with your clients keeps you on their radar and builds loyalty.
  • You need to stay in touch with your clients - or someone else will!
  • We all know just how expensive and time-consuming it is to find new clients.
  • Use your promotional budget effectively. Personalised calendars are a great way to keep your name and message in front of your client.

Bespoke service readily available and now's the time to order!

If you have any questions feel free to contact our friendly sales team at; 01767 603 930 or head to Contact Us

Product Specifications

The sleeve will fit around a regular sized 170g Toblerone bar and will cover the three larger surface areas with your design.


Artwork Guidelines

Download our info sheet to see further details and the right product for you and your business.


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Toblerone Packaging Enquiry
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