Three Royal Mail facts why ‘direct mail’ matters to you…

Royal Mail – report on research

Three great facts about why ‘direct mail’ matters to you…

Royal Mail recently published their report. Here are three great marketing facts to share. Thought-provoking changes, that certainly got us thinking…

  1. Mail is remembered:  Recall the government covid mailing? – 4 in 5 people still do!  When the government needed to underline the importance of lockdown they chose to send a direct mail letter!
  2. Engagement with Mail is now 96% This is a record, nearly half of all people said they look forward to receiving mail. This is way more than email or social media channels.
  3. Mail delivers positivity and trust. Direct mail marketing can play a key role at all stages of the customer journey.  It shows you have taken time and effort to make your customers feel special.

How Parkes can help you get attention with direct mail.
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